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WERBETECHNIK ART OF DISPLAY GMBH is committed to the responsible handling of plastics.

'For me, sustainability is more than just lip service; it is a commitment to the next generation. Everyone can and must do their part now to work together to meet the challenges we face now and in the future.'

CEO Dr. Marcel Brinkmann

"With our Sustainability Initiative 2021, we have raised awareness both internally and externally that plastic is a valuable but also a finite resource - a process that we are continuing intensively and steadily at full speed.

Transparency, education, resource-saving design, promoting recycling processes and using alternative materials form just one aspect of our sustainability.

In the end, however, everyone has a role to play here: industry, retailers and consumers.
Everyone must face up to the global challenge, and only together will we succeed in mastering the challenges of our time."


Dr. Marcel Brinkmann

Nachhaltigskeitsinitiative Werbetechnik Art of Display

WERBETECHNIK ART OF DISPLAY GMBH offers its customers a new post consumer recycled plastic, which is ideal for use in "hotspot displays" and "secondary placements".

‘Sea Plastics’ are obtained from fibre plastics in the form of fishing nets, trawls and ropes from ports, net makers and plastic collectors worldwide. After sorting and fractionating, shredding, washing and separating, this waste is compounded and extruded and processed into new raw materials. Each plastic panel has an individual colour note, which underlines the uniqueness of the material.

When using ‘Sea Plastics’, you not only avoid the consumption of ‘virgin plastics’, but you also make an active contribution to environmental protection and additionally strengthen innovative recycling processes. 



Our broad portfolio of sustainable materials ranges from post consumer recycled material to bio-plastics.
Digitally printed promotional displays, transparent or solid-coloured fabric guides made of 100% PCR are only part of our product range.
We would be happy to work with you to develop a POS presence that is individually tailored to your requirements, taking into account all the respective sustainability aspects.



PIR or post industrial recyclate is currently the most discussed recyclate.

Our society often labels PIR as ‘greenwashing’ because it is derived from the production residues of industry. The biggest accusation here: Production residues are to be regarded as ‘virgin’ plastic in the broadest sense and ‘real’ recycling does not therefore occur in this way.

But the fact that the production residues must be subject to industrial recycling or reprocessing to be reintegrated into a production process is often overlooked.

WERBETECHNIK ART OF DISPLAY GMBH has purchased its own grinding machines as part of its 2021 sustainability initiative which we use to process our production residues into ground material ourselves. This regrind is proven to produce plastic sheets that we reuse in our production process. We see this efficient recycling of our own production residues plus the reduction of the transport volume through our own grinding as a valuable contribution to the creation of a closed recycling process.  




PCR or post consumer recyclate is a plastic that has ‘simply’ been taken out of the ‘yellow bag’ and has already gone through a recycling process. This plastic is therefore effectively withdrawn from the consumer market. Otherwise, the plastic would have ended up in the waste incinerator or landfill after a single use, and thus directly in the environment.

Efficient recycling processes make it possible for PCR to be returned to industry as a valuable raw material to produce new, high-quality products.

In our opinion, PCR plastics are among the most sustainable plastic materials currently available on the market and are therefore the material we use the most.     


Material, product and, to some extent, waste flows are still predominantly linear in global terms and all too often end with the result we know: enormous environmental pollution.

Only slowly are governments, NGOs and companies starting to confront this global challenge and jointly develop effective sustainability concepts. Only together will we be able to achieve the greatest task of our time.

WERBETECHNIK ART OF DISPLAY GMBH constantly checks every work process to feed as many recyclable materials arising from the production process as possible into the appropriate recycling loop.


Fan of colorful adhesive vinyl. Isolated on white background..jpg

If you look up the word recyclate in the dictionary, you find the definition: "Material that has been recycled, product of a recycling process." This definition has been sufficient for some time for our society and a more precise subdivision was unnecessary.

With society's increasing environmental awareness, more and more environmental problems are being identified and require solutions. In implementation, the terms PIR and PCR are widely used, which determine the clear origin of the recyclate, whether it derives from industrial (PIR) or household and consumer waste (PCR). A clear and distinct differentiation is therefore made, although in both cases the recyclate has undergone at least one recycling process.


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