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Digitisation at the point of sale.



As a producer and service provider in product presentation, WERBETECHNIK ART OF DISPLAY GMBH has been working to ensure your sales success since 1963.

We exploit our extensive expertise to constantly develop our products and services:
We respond to external influences, changing markets and current and future requirements, and conduct a meticulous analysis of new processes, techniques and findings, e.g. in terms of digitalisation, sustainability or modularity, and develop innovative solutions for you quickly and flexibly.

CONFI is a visionary, modular sales and presentation system for shopfitting and counters in the cosmetics industry developed by WERBETECHNIK

ART OF DISPLAY GMBH, which focuses on sustainability, flexibility and budgeting.

It is highly variable in its shape and design, and can be individually adapted to your brand at any time.



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Digitality describes the connection between people and technology and thus the further development of digitalisation: the networking of digital and analogue, tradition and innovation.


When it comes to digitalisation, cosmetics companies are pioneers in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. This is why we also focus on digitality at the point of sale using a diverse range of products: from digitised text strips to magic mirrors and touch screens for visualisation, communication and interaction with the end consumer.


Although WERBETECHNIK ART OF DISPLAY GMBH specialise in counters and displays, we have some interesting concepts in the area of shopfitting.

We use effective design and modularity to create a new shop image that appeals to customers and supports flexibility in the shop.


Shopfitting and construction is also changing in terms of digital systems:
With our partner, we have developed steps to equip our cosmetic counters, if required, with a new type of anti-theft system. 


The digital system can also be used to quantify sales and customer behaviour.


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