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Proximity to nature and the highest standards for natural products - sustainability through durable materials such as wood and steel, a modular construction, inserts made exclusively from 100% Second Life Plastic (PCR).

Cubic stele: The rotating cube with generously presented test products crowns a plain metal base with a storage function.

Colour comes into play here: This eye-catching floor stand features perfect product presentation including testers and a high-quality, lightweight construction combined with intensive colour digital printing.

Innovative 3-sided revolving tower: Each screen can be quickly and easily converted into a single sales stand...

A real eye-catcher: This ingenious metal construction enables the screens to play from 3 sides and provides space for generous communication areas in a novel way.

Slim cube, clear arrangement of the sales merchandise, large side visuals: The components of our elegant floor stand.

Striking copper meets elegant black: The durable metal floor stand shows how much sales merchandise including testers can be effectively presented in the smallest space.

The goods in focus, flexible with the plug-in system and castors.

As light as a butterfly: Black powdered metal and shiny deep-drawn mouldings are formed into this chic floor stand.

4 sides large goods compartments, 4 sides large communication surface plus swivel function: A clear line in the ‘library’ style.

Eye appeal: The moulded factice and the tray-like presentation of the products mean you can’t miss this floor stand design.

That rocks! Attractive digital print on cardboard combined with a suspended deep-drawn moulding and practical blister hooks provides a fabulous setting for this special edition.

Straightforward is the name of the game here. This display stand offers ample space for the innovative tile-laying tool. You are the professional.

2-sided presentation and sales pedestal for use at the airport (fire protection class B1). A white powder-coated metal frame combined with suspended tier trays offers lightness and stability in one.

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