About us

Werbetechnik Art of Display

Since its founding 1963 in Hamburg Werbetechnik has been as an owner-managed company continuously developed.

With now more than 170 permanent employees and the option to access up to 200 flexible employees for major projects Werbetechnik offers the ideal platform for almost any order quantity.


Our signet is not only our location between the North and Baltic Sea but explains the company philosophy based on the symbolism of the lighthouse: guide post in >>rough sea<<, safety, durability and reliability. One can interpret the lighthouse based on its appearance as mother of all displays.


Numbers and presuppositions

Total ground area:
approx. 46.000 square feet

Constructed area:
approx. 24.000 square feet

Plant I:
Sales, marketing, management, design, development, exhibition, prototype building,
tool making, screen printing, production, storage

Plant II:
Material processing, coating, cutting, production, storage

Plant III:

Plant IV: